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Upright’s Story  

After watching his mother suffer from severe back pain for years, and with no viable  solutions to help her, Oded Cohen – CEO and Founder of Upright, started his journey to  find a better solution. He soon discovered that his mother’s back problems were shared  by millions of others. In fact, Upright’s recent study in Australia discovered that three quarters of Australians believe their posture needs improvement with 41% of Australians who have been remote working in the past year, noticing a deterioration in their posture. This has led more than half of Australians to seek professional help for their back related issues.

With improving back health a growing need among many, there were little to no cost-effective solutions available in the market that produced meaningful results. After an incredible amount of research, discussions with doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and product testing, Upright was officially born in 2014. Since then the company’s singular focus has been to empower people to live life to its full potential by unlocking better back health. Upright’s portfolio consists of Upright GO 2 and Upright GO S. 

About Upright by Dario  

Upright is a leading digital health brand focused on behaviour change to provide accessible and sustainable posture and back-health care.

In January 2021, Upright was acquired by DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO), a leading global digital therapeutics company revolutionising how people with chronic conditions manage their health. Dario’s next-generation, AI-powered, digital health and therapeutic solutions support more than just an individual’s disease.